Calling All Insurance Agents & Carriers

You Only Need One Set of Tools to Dominate the Market — QRP

Learn more about our industry best API Integration and easy to use RC1-RC3 End-To-End binding below.

Calling All Insurance Agents & Carriers

You Only Need One Set of Tools to Dominate the Market — QRP

Learn more about our industry best API Integration and easy to use RC1-RC3 End-To-End binding below.

Why Our Clients Are Choosing QRP

QRP, the QuinStreet Rating Platform, is the only comparative insurance rater with complete end-to-end bind capability across big-brand, national, and regional carriers.  QRP enables dramatic improvements in customer conversion and, of course, agent productivity. It’s hands-down, the most comprehensive quoting platform available in the industry!

Available as headless APIs, an Agent Portal, or white-labeled digital experiences, QRP can fit within or entirely replace an agency’s current system. All of this technology is backed by QuinStreet’s engineering and integration support.

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  • Complete end-to-end bind capability
  • Instant access to big-brand carriers
  • Leading-edge quoting capabilities
  • Industry’s most accurate rating tool
  • Direct integration with your system
  • 24/7/365 QuinStreet Technical Support

Key Benefits of QRP

Custom curated for insurance agencies and carriers, QRP is a breakthrough comparative rating platform. Our complete carrier integration APIs and management dashboard enable full control of your agency’s business, along with seamless transitions between your online tools and the QRP dashboard. Additionally, our experienced product team ensures that your rating platform, CRM, and key data points are all migrated and maintained within a seamless process.


Our product enables a seamless workflow and real-time monitoring of trends, changes, and rate calls. These features enable lightning-fast processing on the agency end, without having to switch back and forth between platforms.


Our proprietary dashboard allows you to manage user information, carrier footprints, and market trends all from one screen, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.


Access reports updated and formulated in real-time regarding agent, state data, and carrier information to further assist your agency.


The turnkey agency and carrier API stack for RC1-RC3 allows for custom integrations into your current workflow for your productivity and attribution tracking needs.


Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any QRP-related issues or queries.

Fast, Friendly & Easy

The QRP Way

Lead the insurance industry with QRP’s intuitive quoting capabilities, accurate rating tools, and comprehensive data algorithms. Embrace transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. Replace data silos with collaboration and growth. Delight your customers with QRP’s contract binding and improve customer retention. Simply put, QRP can do it all.

Meet QRP’s Leadership Team

Joe Aubin

Business Development

Emily Brown

Account Management

Shabeer Sharaf

Product Management

Michael Reisch

Strategic Partnerships

Pete Payton

Insurance Expertise

Robert Keyhour


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