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The Only Centralized Efficient Insurance Platform You Need

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QRP For Carriers

Experience seamless end-to-end rating with QRP – the only platform that combines accurate distribution of carrier rates, flexibility, and bind functionality. With our UAPI and White Label tools, both agents and consumers benefit from an unparalleled rating experience.

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Carrier Benefits

In an age where point of sale options are expected, QRP caters to Auto and Home consumers alike. With millions of annual quotes, our growing agency network introduces new opportunities for our integrated carriers.

Turndown options

QRP enables carriers the opportunity to provide quotes to a potential client even if the system doesn’t return rates based on their inputs. QRP’s proprietary algorithm allows those turned down initially to be reassigned to adjusted rates for their special circumstances. We’ve witnessed +$2M in 30 days for one major carrier; and +500K new users in one month for another. Additionally, you could see policy conversions increase by +20%!


Our proprietary, universal API manages all carrier specific needs and enables third parties to host an end-to-end bind experience without the additional maintenance fees, while preserving the same carrier guidelines for customer risk management.

agent portal

QRP’s Agent Portal dashboard gives a snapshot of the agency’s performance. Each widget can be managed and customized. The data widgets allow easy monitoring of performance for the agency and individual users. For more in-depth reporting, there are customizable reporting screens that offer real-time insights about the agency, agents and carrier KPIs. Each report can be downloaded with more granular data and is compatible with any data warehouse for further analysis.

“QRP allowed us to increase sales by more than 40% in 6 months. It has quickly become an integral part of our business model.”

— Helen T.

QRP Advantages

QRP is the market rating platform that propels agencies and carriers into the rapidly growing digital world of insurance quoting. Our system provides digital tools that offer authentic consumer rates with side-by-side comparison options. Once a quote has been selected, QRP’s beginning-to-end bind capabilities provide seamless contract experiences for your new clients.

By leveraging QRP’s real-time monitoring of trends and rate calls, combined with uncluttered workflows and easy to interpret contract experiences, your agency will experience higher bind rates, increased retention, and nurture peak conversion.

These advantages are backed by the following benefits:

  • Accurate rating of customers by direct integration between you and them
  • Confluence between QRP and QuinStreet systems through the RC1–RC3 process
  • Continuous addition of national and independent agencies
  • If no quote is provided, a carrier can be pushed by an internal agency or partner agency

QRP is the industry standard, all-inclusive market rating platform that is guaranteed to streamline your workflow. Directly integrated into QuinStreet’s broad data pool and thanks to its vast, growing network of agencies and carrier partners, the impacts on your business will be immediate and beneficial.

Customer Push – Carriers (Turndown Agency focus)

QRP offers industry unique repositioning opportunities if a quote isn’t returned for a potential client. With our products turndown push option, individuals seeking coverage are still given an opportunity to receive insurance quotes. QRP allows zero result clients to be pushed to a partner agency for direct quoting, increasing bound contracts and creating passive revenue streams for you. 

Growing Agency Network

From the smallest to the largest, QRP is adding new agencies on a continuous basis. This vast, growing network of agency partners across the country is available the first day you log in. Different agencies sometimes specialize in certain demographics or other specific audiences. Increased exposure to these potential customer groups will benefit you immediately.

QRP connects you directly into a diverse agency network. The more you use the system and collaborate with these partners the more your business has potential to grow. Markets and customer bases you may not have had access to are at your fingertips thanks to QRP’s organized associate network. Because this network is always expanding, these benefits will only increase over time.

QRP is the only game in town that solves the scale and efficiency issues

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