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Agent Portal

Our Agent Portal enables agencies to perform a wide variety of tasks from a single screen. These tasks include, but are by no means limited to:

  • End-to-end RC1-RC3 bind functionality, no more bridging to carrier sites
  • Auto and Home Pre-fill to improve speed and accuracy of quoting
  • Maximized screen real estate to increase agent productivity
  • Easily manage appointed carriers for the agency and individual users
  • Compare segment and download in-depth agency against user specific data
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Agency Services

Independent agents need enhanced digital tools to effectively engage consumers in today’s digital landscape. Our platform, QRP, enables agencies to provide consumers with comprehensive rate comparison options, incorporating end-to-end functionality. It facilitates engagement and nurturing strategies to optimize conversion and retention rates.

Sync with carriers

Our product streamlines workflows, providing real-time monitoring of trends, rate adjustments, and policy changes. This efficiency eliminates the need for agencies to toggle between platforms, thereby speeding up processing times. In addition, we deliver real-time updates in our access reports, including agent metrics, state-specific data, and carrier information, providing valuable insights for your agency.

sync with agents

QRP’s APIs and Agent Portal promote significant efficiencies for independent agents and carriers. By using QRP, agencies can increase user conversion rates while reducing agent costs, resulting in more policy sales for carriers and enhanced customer retention due to an optimized user experience. Moreover, QRP simplifies the process of gathering agent-level data and monitoring sales trends.

sync with consumers

QRP empowers agencies to connect directly with targeted consumers through custom micro sites and API driven portals. Additional, QRP’s unique White Label flow allows for easy data capturing and maintains a consumer’s quote request through the entire RC1 – RC3 process. Because QRP can quote, refine and bind a quote inquiry, potential customers are less likely to slip through the cracks.

digital flow

QRP allows for seamless integration into existing online experiences while ensuring ancillary factors such as a responsive and functional mobile experience. A unique UI is created for every client, ensuring that our product will suit any agency’s branding needs.

QRP also features a personalized intro portal which creates a seamless transition from QRP to your agency. The QuinStreet team will support your agency to create a comparative rating microsite designed to match your online presence.

Integration with QuinStreet

Carriers and Agencies alike will benefit from QRP’s direct access to QuinStreet’s unrivaled rating algorithms and highly developed data network. In addition to immediately opening direct to consumer opportunities, visibility will be elevated and new business connections will increase. This direct integration coupled with end-to-end binding capabilities means QRP’s highly accurate quotes will put you on the leading edge and give you a distinct, strategic advantage.

Unbeatable Customer Service

QRP’s intuitive, efficient user friendly process through both the agency portal or white label interface means agents will spend less time trying to figure out the technology and more time interacting with potential clients. Agencies using QRP have reported they are seeing up to a 40% reduction in call handling time, equating to less time navigating through the software and more time on the phone, binding contracts.

QRP Accuracy

QRP’s outputs are the most accurate in the industry. Our products direct integration with carriers in QuinStreet’s data pool elevates the quoting process and guarantee’s outstanding results.

By eliminating manual data entry our product reduces the risk of mistakes and typos. Thanks to real-time processing QRP provides the most up-to-date information and reliable quotes in the industry. Data this accurate helps achieve precise quotes and calculations as well as customer satisfaction and bind rates.

QRP is the Only Game in Town That Solves the Scale and Efficiency Issues

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