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A Complete Insurance Shopping Experience

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What is QRP Embedded?

Foremost, QRP Embedded enables clients and their customers to compare insurance products and buy online.

For clients whose customers could be interested in saving money on Insurance, QRP | Embedded provides a new value-added offering to customers and a new revenue stream for clients. The product can be ‘embedded’ into a client’s existing domain and branded experience to be seamless to customers. It enables customers to research and compare a broad set of rates from 100+ insurance carriers, choose the insurance product/premium that is right for them and purchase online.

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How does QRP embedded work?

QRP Embedded Features

Seamless Digital flow

The entire shopping experience can reside on the client’s domain, with the look and feel of the client’s site. Customers can shop around and buy their chosen insurance product online.     

Agency of record

For those customers needing licensed agent support, the product is powered by one of the largest and most capable insurance agencies in the country.  

New Revenue Stream

Earn revenue every time a customer buys a policy, enabling a new revenue stream while adding a value add service to customers.