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QRP “40”

What does 40 have to do with QRP? We’re glad you asked. QRP customers are reporting up to a 40% reduction in call handling time, that equates to less time … Read more >

QRP Explainer Video

QRP is the breakthrough, comparative rating platform that does it all! Custom curated, RC1 quotes provided from over 100 carriers, RC2 refinement to dial things in, and RC3 binding to … Read more >

Preview screen for 30 second intro video

QRP in 30 Seconds

QRP is the the only comparative insurance rater you need. Available as headless APIs, an Agent Portal, or white-labeled digital experiences, QRP can fit within or entirely replace an agency’s … Read more >

Custom White Label Flow

Walk through an interactive demo of how QRP can leverage your existing brand with our customized flow. You will see how QRP can walk a customer through the entire RCI-RC3 … Read more >

Turndown Agency Snapshot

QRP’s industry unique turndown option gives you the ability to provide insurance quotes to potential clients even if no rates are returned from the system. This PDF document provides a … Read more >